Kingfisher’s Classics

    You can choose from Creamy Hot Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Wine Sauce or Oyster Sauce


       Prawns & Scallop    21.95 

       Prawns                    21.95

       Scallops                   24.50


Mussels in Wine & Garlic      18.95


Salmon Fillet & Veggie with Creamy hot sauce (Pan fried or Poached)    18.95


Orange Roughy Fillet & Veggie with Creamy hot sauce   19.95


Red Snapper Fillet& Veggie with Garlic spicy sauce & Veggi   18.95

Kingfisher’s Combination Entreé

Kingfisher’s  Bento Box (Signature dishes in one box)     23.95

Calamari, Prawns & Scallop with Creamy hot sauce, Light-battered Pollock , Salad and 3pcs Prawn Tempura,&Rice


Signature Combo (Available from  Happy Hour)      15.95

3 pcs Calamari, Prawns and Veggie with Creamy hot sauce served with rice      

Seafood Medley in Wine & Garlic     28.95

 Prawns, Scallop, Mussel, Squid & Oyster or Orange Roughy  in Wine garlic sauce      served with 2rice 

Fish & Chips                              


Alaskan Pollock  2pcs   13.50

Orange Roughy  2pcs   15.50

Add Piece (Pollock $6.50/Orange Roughy $8.50)   Add Creamy hot Sauce 3.50