Chicken  Katsu Don Rice Bowl       14.95

 Panko-crusted Chicken Cutlets cooked with Onion, Egg and sweet soya  Sauce over Rice

 Chicken  Curry Rice          14.95

 Japanese styled Curry with chicken over Rice 

Seafood Curry Rice            15.50

  Japanese styled Curry with Shrimp & Squid over Rice    

Beef Bulgogi with Rice       13.50

 Korean-styled Beef and Vegetable on hot plate

Al Bap Sizzling Rice Bowl  13.50 

 Topped with Flying Fish Roe & Egg, Marinated Spicy Radish and Green onion                 

 Tuna Poke Bowl 회덥밥    14.50

 Topped with Raw Tuna & Flying Fish roe, Salad,Rice with sweet & sour spicy Sauce or Sesame flavoured Sauce